Monday, February 7, 2011

hope softies away!

this morning i went for a little walk down to the post office to post my hope softies. yes softies, purposefully used a plural there. you see yesterday when i was taking photos to show you the teddy bear i'd made, my neighbour was taking her bin out and wanted to know what i was doing. i showed her my teddy bear and explained to her steph's hope softies. she then revealed to me that she does a LOT of blog reading herself and later popped around to give me a softie to send onto steph with my teddy bear. isn't that lovely?

here he is. he's a bit cute! and now he's keeping my little teddy bear company on their way up to queensland to steph and then onto a new home! how very exciting!
i also popped in a delicious looking present for steph, to say thanks for all the organisational work she's putting into this project :D

and now for today's scarf challenge idea!

this is one of my very favourite scarves. i opped it a little while ago and it's just so damn PRETTY!!!

notice i'm still in front of my wardrobe. i didn't get too far past my shoes yesterday... so there's still much or my wardrobe to be organised. maybe i'll get another shelf sorted before work. oh and make some risotto. very busy monday still ahead!

if you want to join in with the scarf challenge you can sign up with sophie right here!


Steph said...

Thanks so much Nicole! He sure looks a handsome fellow! And a huge thanks to your neighbour...what a sweetheart. Wishing you a lovely week full of cups of tea and spectacular scarf ensembles. :) x x

Gaby said...

The scarf looks great! And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. My husband doesn't even want to be referred to by his initials, but I guess I could just make up a random initial. If I were you though, I'd just refer to your boyfriend as his first initial. It seems like a lot of people do that. Let me know what you come up with! x