Friday, February 11, 2011

playing catch up.

oops. it's been a few days since i played along with the february scarf challenge so bear with me while i play a bit of catch ups!
days 8, 9 and 10 of the retro chart look a little like this....

my attempt at day 8 sees the return of one of my furniture decorating scarves.

i'm not looking into an unorganized wardrobe today but out the window at my parent's house. watching the calves do silly things and chase one another.

for the idea for day 9, i've rescued another scarf from furniture decorating services.

and finally for day 10's idea, i'm showing off a scarf that i only bought on wednesday, when brianna and i went opping.

i quite like this idea. it's ridiculously cute and would look amazing with an open collared shirt i think.

to play along with the february scarf challenge (even if you only want to play for one day), visit sophie and sign up!

shall be back later in the day with today's scarf idiom....

1 comment:

Lyndel said...

oh Nicole you are so good to follow the diagrams to the letter. Good on YOU. I have missed a few days, but thought I made up for it with my 1960s photo. I have lots of scarves, lots and lots, just no one to photograph me wearing them! I'll see what I can do for today.