Sunday, February 6, 2011

suddenly sunday.

these weeks seem to be flying by and it's sunday already! can't believe it!
i guess there's been a bit of productivity though. my teddy bear for steph's hope softies project is finally done!

he's not exactly perfect, but i don't think he'll ever be if i'm making him... his eyes are a bit wonky, and well so are his ears and royal blue is never a good thread choice for a purple bear. i have tested him though, he's perfectly cuddlable! even snugglable!

and now for day 6 of sophie's february scarf challenge (i can't believe how many scarves i've still got to show you all!)

this is lovely stripy number is one i opped i think. i spotted it and knew it had to be mine!
you might notice as well, i'm in front of my wardrobe, pondering where to start the organisation process. may as well start at the top i guess, with the shoes! EEEEEP! anyone a size 6? i might have some to get rid of (i may have in excess of 30 pairs...)

hope your week is lovely and productive!

1 comment:

Lyndel said...

Bear looks cute!
Your scarf is just perfect.
hope the clear out of wardrobe goes well.
I usually find I do mine best at the start of summer and start of winter. Gives you a good focus of what your have and what you'll need for the coming Season.