Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february? already?

now, i can't speak for everyone, but it seems that the general consensus is, 'wait? january is over?'
i'm definitely feeling the same!
so do you have any grand february plans?
i do! i do!
i've got grand organising intentions, and look, i even started this morning!
the teaspoon section of my drawer was er, a little hard to find a teaspoon in...

after a bit of a throw out of old takeaway implements, a reorganize of some of the cooking tools in there, and a good wipe out with a cloth (it was full of crumbs for some reason, no idea why...) you can now find a teaspoon! huzzah!

i've also got plans to finish off my coffee table revamp, perhaps start revamping the poor stool i found in hard rubbish yesterday and hopefully buy a new bed!

on top of those things, hopefully i'll be sharing with you my scarf collection as i play along with sophie in her february scarf challenge!
this is the first box on the retro scarf chart.

so yes, er, that's done...

that's not particularly wearable though is it? after having a look over the rest of the chart, i don't really want to do anything twice, so how about this?

an adorned door handle! this is actually how i keep most of my scarves, they're all tied around door/drawer/cupboard handles/knobs. they make the place look a bit more colourful :D


Unknown said...

Oooo very cute! I love that scarves have so many uses!
Sophie x

thursday said...

Hooray for furniture re-do's!! Looking forward to reading more about it.

Gaby said...

I like your creative use of a scarf. It's just not scarf wearing weather, is it? Although, it's always nice to tie one around your head. x