Friday, February 4, 2011

february scarf challenge: day 4

today's scarf idea is this one... finally a wearable one!

and i've got just the perfect scarf for it! this one was actually giftwrapping from a present i received for my 21st birthday from my lovely cousin. she makes amazing herbal teas, i highly recommend you take a peek!

my hair's a bit curly as i washed it this morning and could definitely not be bothered with blowing it straight and such. much better things to do today!
i've got to get that teddy bear i've been talking about so much done and dusted, i've got a magnificent dinner idea for tonight and i'm meeting some lovely friends for a lunch of delicious dumplings!
what are your plans for this fabulous friday?

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Lyndel said...

gorgeous! great scarf and lovely pic. My plans for Friday were to do the weekly grocery shopping. Tick! done! now I'm just sitting at the computer thinking about my Day 4 Scarf.