Thursday, January 27, 2011

my creative space.

or my cleaning space?

today i'm mostly just cleaning up after the little get together we had yesterday. in a bid to be a bit ''green" we used actual plates and glasses and cutlery which was great (except when we ran out of plates and cutlery) except now i've got a whole bunch of dishes to do!
never fear however, my brother gave me the first season of kitchen nightmares (it's disturbingly great), which will keep me company throughout my cleaning adventures.
did you have a good australia day? i surely did :D

i've also got a little bit of creativity happening (after all those dishes are done), i'm making a hope softie! i'm making a cute little teddy bear, just like i made back here. you can make one too, just make one up and send it on to steph!

for some more creative spaces, pop over and visit kirsty!

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