Sunday, January 23, 2011

auction time.

it's auction day! a massive list is currently available on the make it perfect blog. this list also includes some of the crafters who are donating proceeds from their etsy stores if you're not sure that you want to auction.


but anywho, would you like to hear what i'm auctioning off????
i was trying to figure out something i could make, something small and quick, because i'm still working on this and there was nothing that i felt i could make to auction off that i would be happy with.
so i looked down at what i was making and i had a bit of a think, could i do that? yes, yes i think i can.
if you haven't quite got it from my (probably batty) thought process, i decided to auction off a nice handmade crocheted blankie.
now there's no pictures yet, because i haven't made it yet, because you get to choose!
a choose your own adventure handmade crocheted blanket!

so yesterday i went into spotlight and took a photo of alllllllll the colours they had in the range of wool i'll be using (moda vera pure, 8ply, 100% wool). don't they look pretty sitting there all together?
there's also two patterns to choose from, the vintage vertical stripe or the granny stripe. everything is open to negotiation though so have a chat to me! my email is dabblingallday(at)gmail(dot)com. shoot me a quick message and let me know what you're thinking :D

now to get down to business, how this thing will work.
this will work as an auction, leave a comment with the amount that you're willing to bid, the highest bid at the end of this week (sunday 23rd january at 8pm, melbourne time) will be the overall winner!

i will cover postage costs within australia, however if you're based overseas and you really want to bid, contact me and we can work something out :D

if, on sunday, you are the winner, i will contact you to let you know (so everyone please leave a way for me to contact you!). payment will then need to be paid to the premier's relief fund and you'll need to send me the receipt number. then we can get to work on designing your blankie and i'll get to work on it! the blankie will be finished and posted before winter of 2011 (southern hemisphere) so you'll be able to have full use of it on cold wintery days and nights.

if you're still with me, thanks for reading through all of those words!
thanks to toni and carli for thinking up this wonderful idea and implementing it like the amazing women they are!

may the bidding commence!!!

ps. if my instructions are wayyyyyy difficult to understand (sometimes i DON'T have a way with words), kate has explained it amazingly. she is also auctioning an amazing cushion! very cute!


omashee aka Barb said...

Nicole, your instructions are great! I didn't see a minimum bid amount so I'll start with $25. Now I dare somebody to raise that!

Lisa said...

$30, you may just save me the trouble of learning to crochet. And all for a good cause too lol

lisamaree_82 at

omashee aka Barb said...

OK LisaMarie, we're thinking along the same lines here. I'll up it to $35
omashee at msn dot com

CurlyPops said...

My bid is $50

lost_in_mellie said...

Would <3 to get a granny stripe blankie, so here's my bid for $60. By the way, how big is it going to be?

One for a wish.. said...

Also wondering how big it's going to be?? but I'll still bid $70

Jan said...

$100 - I am sure you have already spent that much on the yarn!

Unknown said...

Last hour bump to $120.

could always do with a cool blanket :)


One for a wish.. said...

$130..thanks for the reminder email!!

Lea said...

I was going to bid $140 but my Miss 8 just said I could have 10 bux from her tooth fairy savings. Sooo, I am hoping my bid of $150 will clinch the deal. Fingers crossed!

nicole said...

lea! it certainly did clinch you the deal! you are the winner!!! yehooo!!!!!

if you could just send me an email so i have a means of contacting you that would be really great!

thanks to everyone who put in a bid!
$150 is a great amount of money for the flood relief fund!

One for a wish.. said...

Darn it, kids distracted me and I wasn't there for the final bid! LOL.. Enjoy Lea!

Kate said...

Nicole this is AMAZING!! Congratulations.
I look forward to seeing your blanket happen.
Don't forget to sew in the ends as you go.