Saturday, January 1, 2011

and a happy new year!

hope you all had a safe and very happy new years last night and that you're not feeling too sickly this morning!
i rang in the new year on the beach with some good friends. we had music and drinks and it was all very fun, especially when the fireworks started all around the bay! after the scorcher of a day we had in melbourne, the night turned out to be amazing!

now resolutions, did you make any?
i think i'm just going to make a general motto for the year, and that motto is organisation!
i've got cupboards and boxes and bags and containers full of stuff that are all in no particular order and are pretty much everywhere! my goal this year is to get it all sorted out, then maybe when i get to crafting, i'll actually know where things are and won't have to spend my entire crafting time looking for supplies.
which leads me to the next goal, getting an online store up and running. as i mentioned yesterday, lots of ideas, little action happening. the boy and i had a good talk the other day, and as i am taking this year off study, and he is quite tech savvy, we should be able to get something up and running and off the ground in the not too distant future.
as well as those two goals, i really want to try and cook more this year. i've gotten wayyyyy too slack and takeaway is never as good as something that you can whip up at home (well most of the time anyway...). it would be great to be able to get cooking with some homegrown ingredients too. maybe with all my time at home i'll be able to get some vegie type things happening in that backyard of mine.

wishing you all a productive, joyful and safe new year!!!

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