Monday, January 24, 2011

at my house.

today at my house, i'm ticking some things off my list.

i'm filling something that shouldn't have been empty for this long.

and i'm going to attempt to make an unhappy plant, happy again.

i'm doing some more sanding, maybe i'll get one of the sides done today...

well i'll get to this stuff, if this weather lets me...

by the way, my auction finished last night. the winning bid of $150 was made by lea! as soon as lea lets me know of her colour scheme plans i'll get started with my hook and will have some more lovely vertical stripes to show to you all! stay tuned!
thanks so much to everyone who bid, it was quite exciting watching them come in and the money will hopefully help someone get back on their feet!

also, i know this meme was lou's thing and she's not blogging anymore but i missed it. i like mondays at my house :D

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