Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 revisited.

wayyyyyyy back in january, i made myself a little list of creative-type things i wanted to get done over the course of the year.
i thought i'd have a little revisit of that list today and have a bit of a think about how much i actually got done...

* fill and plant out the 2 remaining planter boxes
i managed to get one of these done, it's now full of lovely herbs. the other one i intend to fill within the first few days of the new year, that counts right?
* plant out the big planter box that's full of dirt but not of life.
so it's not completely dirt anymore... there's passionfruit vine in there now, something's eating most of the foliage, but a few runners are greening it up a bit. there's also some sad-looking beans in there at the moment, they self-sew! and some equally sad looking basil.
i think the answer to this plant sadness is probably fertiliser, more water and definitely some mulch.
* paint some canvasses up, my walls are tooooooo plain!
never quite happened. however with my new supplies, it may happen in the very near future.
* do something amazing with my dresser, it's boring as hell currently.
check. much less boring now!
* make beanies! 10 this year.
check to this one too!
* finish big blankie. he's as long as my thigh now. i can comfortably cover my lap while crocheting, pity it's summer and that's the last thing i need!
sooooooooo close, so very VERY close. much longer than just my thigh now :D
* get some stuff made to whack in an etsy shop. i've been planning in my mind for a few months now, just need the time.
still mind planning at this stage. more ideas now though...
* play my damn guitar! it's been sitting next to my couch since i moved in, it's actually in the garage at the moment i think.
yeah this never happened. it's not in the garage any more though, it has migrated to the study.
* organise the garage so it's actually semi-functional.
this happened. more than once. it needs doing again now though. i need to fix the cupboard system in there...
* write some lovely little poems. i have a devilish idea for these...
the idea is still there, motivation has gone out the window though...
* two words, window boxes. this'll be another ask dad to help/make everything for me jobbie i think.
seeing as how i still have empty planter boxes, i didn't think it would be a good idea to make more things to plant other things in. and now i'm not so sure about them. hanging baskets on the other hand... i've got big plans for some of those!
* make a cover for our futon. it's pretty skanky at the moment. i should really do this one in the next week...
oh DEAR i still desperately need to do this. working with large enough quantities of fabric to make a queen sized futon cover kind of scares the bejeesus out of me though... a fear to overcome...
* make myself some clothes from scratch. well patterns, but still, not store bought.
hrmmm yeah. i bought some pattern. that counts right? well i bought a pattern. and i altered a fair few clothes...

um, so yeah, about half and half really.
but i've done some other things this year too...
* i started and finished a big blankie project.
* i finished my bachelor's degree.
* i managed to recycle about half the clothes in my wardrobe (still need to tackle the shoes...)
* i actually got around to making things for christmas this year.

i think this is one of the things i love most about blogging, the ability to look back on the year and see what i've accomplished. it's also really interesting to see how your goals change for the year (and how your writing style changes too ha!)

did you reach your goals for 2010? did you make any?

well i'm off for the year (ha!), the boy and i are off to the beach with some lovely friends to ring in the new year (and hopefully stay cool). i'll be making a pit stop at spotlight though, i have a new big blankie project in mind (must finish ripple first though...)

have a happy and safe night all! see you next year!

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