Thursday, December 9, 2010

my creative space.

after a morning at yoga, it's time to get to some christmas crafting! (and tidying and washing and cleaning bleurgh!)
i need to finish up this little crocheted bauble. actually it's not little at all, it's quite large. i've had to change up pip's pattern a fair bit in terms of number of stitches and rows and such but i'm super happy with the wool :D i found it hiding in my stash. red with little gold bits in it, perfect for such a christmassy project!

now i'm off, the washing machine is beeping, my stomach is growling and i promised the boyfriend that i'd finish up a secret christmas present today as it's currently taking up a lot of floor-space in his study (read - mancave).

lots more creativity going on at kirsty's!


BusyBsewBiz said...

they come together so quickly they are slightly addictive!

Cathie said...

well done! that looks great Nicole. so wish I could crochet.
happy day to you ♥

Amy Herbst said...

The crocheted bauble is very cute, and yes, your yarn is the perfect choice! Good luck with your Holiday crafting!