Wednesday, December 22, 2010

how many sleeps til christmas?

only 3????
but i still have soooooooo much to do!!!
i feel like i am slowwwwwwwly getting through my christmas craft stash...
and after talking talking talking about them so much...

i've actually finished some of clare's party frocks! i've had them cut out for a fair while but last night i finally got a chance to put some together. they were a little tedious, but i think that's because i'm not much of a sewer... i've still actually got about 8 more cut out and ready to go (silly me, only bought enough tulle to make 4 and enough ribbon to make 5) so i might make some more if i get a chance to get to the shops.
might not happen as i've still got to finish the christmas stockings i started yesterday and i just booked in to give the perfect gift, inspired by the wonderful curlypops.

also i was very happy when i checked the mail box yesterday as it contained the first part of my one pearl button giveaway win!

i've been checking my mail box every morning waiting ha ha. i do LOVE mail :D especially when it happens to contain gorgeous little parcels like this one! these two amazing bracelets are from alamod vintage. you should definitely have a look-see at their shop, it's full of the most gorgeous little vintagey bits and pieces.

anywho i'm off now. have to embroider my fingers off and drink my own body weight in water (i have pesky little veins...), oh and hang another load of washing out, this weather is just glorious for drying washing :D

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CurlyPops said...

Thankyou so much for giving me the perfect gift! I'm amazed at everyone's generousity in spreading the word and rolling up their sleeves.
Good luck with your first donation. I'll be thinking of you!