Tuesday, December 28, 2010

season's greetings!

yes i'm a little late, yes it's closer to new years now but they don't call it the silly season for nothing!
i had VERY good intentions of getting a little blog time in on christmas eve, before i had to work and then drive the hour and a half to be with family but the boyfriend (along with his list of un-bought and non-wrapped presents) had other ideas for me. needless to say, all the christmas presents got wrapped (beautifully, i must say), i got to work on time and many happy family christmas times were had!
did you have a good christmas? did you indulge in ridiculous amounts of delicious food and equally delicious beverages? were you a good girl/boy and did you get lots of presents from santa?
i answer yes to all of those questions :D

look at the amazing presents i got from "santa"
by santa of course i mean my lovely friends and family!
it's going to be a very creative new years by the looks of it!

oh, and i managed to get those pesky stockings finished too. i think they turned out ok, and i think they had a fairly warm reception on christmas morning... (apologies for the interesting looking photo, iphone pictures with flash are WEIRD!)

i hope you all had a lovely and very merry christmas!


Cathie said...

sounds like a busy but great christmas for you.
your friends did well with the gifts!
ours was good, kids scored well.

looking forward to a hot new years eve.
all the very best to you nicole ♥

Anonymous said...

<3 great stuff Nic <3