Tuesday, December 14, 2010

oh for the love of sunshine.

isn't it a glorious day in melbourne town today?
i spent my morning in my back yard, mowing and trimming and planting and training and generally tidying.

i'm making an attempt to train this ivy plant that's growing through the fence from next door (thanks to my lovely neighbour). i'm trying to get it to grow across the fence rather than down it (and subsequently all over my lawn).
i do so very love beautiful climbing plants :D

i popped the jasmine that i rescued into the ground as well, it can happily climb all over this section of the fence (yeah i don't really like fences, can you tell?).

and my grape vine, that started off as a teeny tiny stick with a few green buds on it (quite literally NO leaves), had completely overgrown the little pot it started in and needed a new home. it should be happy here for the next couple of weeks... then i should have the funds to be able to fill the last of my planter boxes and transfer it into there. then it can climb and grow all over the trestle section (and hide yet more of that blasted fence!!)

now i'm off to fold some washing (yet another reason to love this sunshine, fresh dry washing :D), throw together a curry and maybe, finally, get to actually starting these dresses.

hope you're all enjoying the sunshine :D

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