Friday, December 10, 2010

i have an addiction sir!

in the words of miss carrie bradshaw, 'i have an addiction sir' though unlike her, i'm not addicted to the deadly nicotine. i have a far wilier addiction... i'm addicted to buying christmas craft supplies. even though i know i will definitely not have time to make anything with them.
to be fair, i always buy things with a specific plan, a pattern or an idea. but i know i will just not have time to actually make said things.

this years haul includes but is not limited to: christmas fabrics, glass baubles (i'm constantly terrified of smashing them), ribbons of all widths and lengths and patterns, christmas stickers, sequins and bon-bon crackers.
but i have been good on one front, wool! i'm only using wool from my stash for any wooly christmassy plans i have. small steps, small steps.


Maxabella said...

LOL - I was just sitting here thinking that I have got to stop buying and making swing tags as I can't possibly give out all those presents! You've made me feel like I'm not alone. x

Anonymous said...

Yay I can comment on your blogs now! Yay for xmas and all ur crafty ideas!