Wednesday, December 15, 2010

just something to start the day...

what a packed afternoon! the boyfriend, his family and i headed out for his university graduation ceremony (and then for a delicious dinner at cookie afterwards!)
but before we headed out this morning, i had a little bit of quiet time. with no pressing housework or yardwork to be done (pretty sure i covered it all yesterday...), i used the time to pick out some more festively coloured wools to make some more of pip's christmas baubles!

these ones will be slightly smaller than the others so i might actually be able to use the original pattern and not have to play around with it too much!
speaking of the other bauble i made, would you like to see?

i made up the entire pack of four baubles in the same wool. i had just enough to make all four so it was surely fate :D
i'm contemplating giving one each to my neighours, the ones i talk to that is, with a nice packet of shortbread or something. that reminds me, i need to make shortbread... does anyone have a good recipe?

hope you've had a fabulous wednesday!

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