Sunday, August 9, 2015

my week.

oh my goodness it's been a busy one! though it's nice to take this little bit of time to review it before i get myself off to work on this chilly sunday morning and start to get organised for the week ahead.

date night on monday night, saw bb and i trekking all over the city and ending the evening with sushi train. definitely one of my favourites, though i'm not sure bb was so keen... being out all day though, meant i missed the arrival of my PASSPORT (tick that off the yearly list, though i do still need to get bb's happening...)

this week has seen lots of sweet eats, a trip to the hopetoun tea rooms in the city yesterday after a super successful wedding shoe expedition (in and out within 10 minutes, who even am i?) meant cake and tea galore. and there was a wee jaunt to the nitro lab on burke st, after some craft group dumplings were had on wednesday night.

thursday night saw me balancing out the sweet with some savoury though. the cheese and charcuterie table at rowan's book launch was to die for! and i got the copy of my book (i received it the night before as a gift) signed to boot. such a great inspirational night out!

in an attempt to make up for all my rich and decadent eating, i popped over to the collingwood children's market yesterday morning to snap up some delicious vegetables for the week ahead. now to get to my meal plan so we can eat them all up!

what has your week looked like this week? get up to anything fun?


Jodie said...

Your week looks fantastic, mine was a bit more eggs-on-toast but good anyway.

kgirlknits said...

an amazingly delicious looking week, really!