Monday, August 10, 2015

meal planning monday.

monday, monday, wherefore art thou weekend? i feel like we should petition for a 3 day weekend no? anyone? ha ha!
i guess complaining won't make it any less monday, so i'll just jump straight in.

for tonight, i've got some fresh, farmer's market fennel in the fridge, so i'll whip up one of my fave pastas with chorizo. yum!

tomorrow, i'll be heading into the city to have a fancy lunch with bb to celebrate turning 27! getting old ha ha! as i'm sure we'll make an afternoon of it, and probably be quite full, i'll pop some potato and leek soup in the slow cooker before i head in and find some delicious bread on the way home.

wednesday night, i'll grab some chicken out of the freezer and throw together a curry. it never did happen over the weekend as we caught up with friends for dinner instead.

thursday night, mince out of the freezer, and the beautiful cabbage i picked up from the farmer's market should make up a delicious chow mein. perfect.

friday, i'll be working late. osso bucco in the slow cooker, and bowls of pasta and steamed carrot and broccoli in the fridge ready to serve.

saturday, i'll be working during the day, but i think bb's mum will be coming to visit. we might just have to go out for dinner to keep the birthday celebrations rolling...

and sunday, i'm excited to be home all day! thinking i might drag the deep fryer out of storage as bb has been mentioning it more and more frequently and it has been a LONG time. fried chicken anyone?

what are your plans for the week ahead?

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