Sunday, August 23, 2015

my week.

oops! this post seems to get written later and later on a sunday, though only because there's always lots of nice stuff happening.

check out the awesome socks that my mum found in downtown warburton yesterday (while i was working *sob*)
apparently, they're made up of recycled cotton, and i love that they kinda match, but kinda don't. so rad!

while bb was away this week, sampson had to stage a knitting intervention. i started on a colourwork beanie and got a wee bit obsessed (just one more row/pattern repeat...)
it wasn't so effective, as i got my patterns all done before i went to sleep. a very late/early night for me!

one of the few pictures i took from the girls weekend, was of my first loaf of bread in ages. resting in front of the just-lit fire.
the short amount of time i spent up there was pretty idyllic. great food, the most excellent company, some sweet and cheerful little ones underfoot and SO much knitting. dreamy really!

last sunday, i got to sneak in a few snuggles with the cutest of bunnies while chatting with a lovely gal pal. i don't know that he enjoyed himself, but i sure did!

ooh, and for those who were wondering, all of my mending jobs from earlier in the week... they're all done! i was a good egg and finished them all up before i pulled out the aforementioned colourwork, lucky too as it was nigh impossible to put down!

what happened in your week? have you ever snuggled with a bunny? are you a colourworker?


Betsy said...

I've enjoyed my peek into your week and think your knitting is looking wonderful. I have never snuggled with a bunny but it certainly looks like fun.

kgirlknits said...

cutest bunny!

is that your natural dyed yarn in the colourwork beanie? Looks amazingly lovely :)