Thursday, August 6, 2015

show and tell.

one of the thoughts that had been percolating in my head over my month (and a bit, oops!) away from this space, was what i liked to blog about, what i had to say, and why i started blogging in the first place.
the answer to the latter at least, was to connect with like minded crafty folks (definite tick in that basket) as well as to document what i was making as a bit of a visual journal for myself.

looking back over the last few months (years even...) there's been significantly less of that happening, but that all changes today!
my (rather grand) intention, is for thursday to be a ta-da post of sorts. some pictures and a few words about my most recent project off the needles or hook or sewing machine...
i assure you, i'm not finishing a project a week, but i do have a little backlog happening at the moment.

today's show and tell is my triple stitch cowl.

my love for this cowl started when the clever folks at cleckheaton sent in a sample to the shop where i work, for us to display. handling it, the drape and feel of the fabric was divine, and the moment i looped it around my neck and admired it in the mirror, i knew i'd be making one of my own.
i immediately started thinking about colours... basically everything i own and wear is blue, or cool-toned, so i'd have to go with something that would work with that, but i wanted to avoid knitting something else that was blue ha ha.
'dark grape' caught my eye as being the perfect choice! it goes beautifully with 90% of my wardrobe (a couple of red cardigan/jumpers and an orange dress are really the only problems...)
my only regret is that it was a little hard to knit with at night in dark cafes ha ha. i have a nice overhead lamp set up at home so that was no issue.

the triple stitch cowl, gets it's name as it is made up of panels of three different stitch patterns of varying lengths. a kind of broken rib, a slanty square pattern, and some simple garter lines.
as the pattern was basically always about to change, it kept things fun and interesting to knit, with the exception of the 50cm of the rib section at the start. it was SUPER dense and seemed to take a while, but it was the uphill climb of a steep hill, with a leisurely and quick roll down the other side.

i've worn the cowl out and about a LOT, but it's been particularly great the last couple of days, when i've been in the city and it's been freezing! as it's so long, i can actually wrap it three times around my neck, to keep myself super snug and warm. and because, although i knit 34879234 beanies a year, i don't actually OWN one that i'll wear, it's good to pull up over the back of my head to cover my ears up too.
it does look a little bit 'old-lady' but i can get around that when it's less than ten degrees outside ha ha!

i've got all of the details of this knit up on my ravelry page if you're interested in the technical details.

what have you recently finished up? anything to show and tell?

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Megan said...

I agree, I rarely remember to put finished things up on my blog, which is terrible as I started my blog for the same reason of connecting with crafty people. I love your cowl, I have wanted to make a cowl for a while but never got around to it yet, perhaps next year.