Monday, August 24, 2015

meal planning monday.

after a weekend away, the last thing i would like right now is for it to be monday.
alas, here it is anyway. thank goodness for meal plans to make the rest of the week a little more achievable hey?

tonight, i'm declaring date night! and a dumplings we will have! yum!

tomorrow night, i think i'll break out the slow cooker. much to bb's protest, i'm feeling the need to get slow cooking and clear out the freezer AND have easy breezy dinners. so tonight, beer braised ribs.

wednesday night, tex mex beef. i'll grab some tortillas on my way home and some salad-y stuff from the backyard (woo!)

thursday night, i'll be working late, so slow cooker satay chicken should hopefully make bb forget it'll be the third slow cooker meal in a row. it's one of his faves.

friday night, i'm heading out to the movies with some ladies for a charity night. i'm sure i'll find something in town, and bb can fend for himself (slow-cooker leftovers? ha ha!)

saturday should be an excellent at home day, so i think i'll encourage bb to cook up a giant pot of bolognaise. his is always so excellent and there's a distinct lack of it in the freezer at the moment.

sunday, i'll be taking bb back to the airport as he's heading interstate for work again. i might have that carbonara i didn't cook last week as i forgot to buy bacon... if i remember to buy bacon that is!

what are you eating this week? what's your favourite slow cooker meal?

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