Tuesday, August 18, 2015

meet the garments.

at the beginning of the month, i posted that i had quite a bit of mending i wanted to get working on.
for a bit of motivation, i thought i'd introduce them, which in turn, gets them out of the mending box and lying around the house. the opposite of out of sight, out of mind right??

garment number one.
a dress i picked up at a second hand market. YEARS ago!

after a few wears out on the town, the invisible zip ate itself! maybe a little bit too much 'me' in the dress didn't help.

i've done the unpicking on this one already. so it'll just be a matter of popping in a new zip... which i've already bought.
why haven't i done this already?

garment number two.
a super cute denim-y skirt (it's quite a light fabric).

it has needed mending since i picked it up from a friend's op-shop pile.
i thought to myself, i could fix that, no problem.

YEARS later, i've ripped out the broken zip (another self-eating invisible zip) AND have another ready to go in... sensing a pattern yet?

garment number three.
another hand-me-down garment...

this one is fully functional as it is, but the problem i have with it is more apparent when i'm actually wearing it...

the waist sits REALLY low on me, and the pockets are halfway down my LEGS!
this one needs a little bit more work than the previous two.
i'll need to unpick the zip at the back, unpick the waist and take out some fabric before re-attaching the skirt to the bodice and then reattaching the zip to the skirt. phew!
shouldn't take too long once i get into it though...

garment number four.
this one is a bonus and wasn't actually in my mending box at all. i wore it to work yesterday and remembered why i hadn't worn it in a while...
it's a dress i've had for quite a while and has had quite a bit of wear. for that reason it's starting to fall apart a little.
the ribbon that ran through the channel is LONG gone and always sat a little high on me for what i like.

i've been wearing it with a belt for ages, and it looks a little silly with the sewn channel for the ribbon AND a belt.
an episode of something on netflix and an unpicking session and this should be pretty much ready to go!

knowing me, it'll be the first lot of mending done ha ha!

now, i'd best get to pulling my sewing machine out of the cupboard. i wonder how much of this list i can get done this afternoon?

do you have some items that have been in your mending pile for an age? how do you feel about invisible zips?

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Sadly, I don't know the first thing about sewing. The fact that you can tackle all those projects is quite impressive to me. Best wishes, Tammy