Thursday, August 27, 2015

show and tell.

this week's show and tell is a pretty recent finish to be honest... i'm almost caught up on the backlog of finished items i had stored up, better get to knitting some more to share ha ha!

now this was a super interesting pattern to knit up!
i first spotted it over on lisa's blog, and it immediately made it's way onto my ravelry queue.

morgan, is another hat that's knit from the top down which is super new for me. every hat i'd knit up until last week's share, has been from the bottom up. it was fun trying something new though!

now obviously, being knit from the top down is about all that this pattern, and last week's have in common. they are completely different beasts!
morgan uses short rows, and strategically placed increases and decreases to change the humble hat, into a super awesome flat cap.
it was kind of magical to knit it, and have it come together before your eyes. and i definitely had to place full faith in the pattern ha ha. there was a wee bit of cursing and a bit of tinking and frogging to get a couple of things right (and to be honest, there's still a few things that are embracing the handmade look...) but it WAS fun and it is 100% made with love.

i knitted this up for a friend, to help her keep her head nice and warm, and as always, my thoughts were with her as i was stitching away.

my original plans for this hat, were to knit it up in rowan felted tweed, as i'm a big fan of the texture and colours available... however, i serendipitously came across a ball of the shilasdair luxury dk through work, that was a little unwanted and unloved.
it turned out to be the perfect colour for this hat, and my friend as it makes her lovely green eyes pop!

i kind of want to knit this up again, sooner rather and later, with a few tweaks...
i think i'd use a provisional cast on for the top so that the finish would be a little neater.
oh, and i'll also know exactly what tension to use in the bind off of the peak (long story short, i ended up kitchener-ing too tight, breaking my wool and had to re-knit the peak 2.5 times before i got it right!).

what have you been making lately? have you knit up a morgan? what's your favourite hat pattern?

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Very pretty. I don't wear hats well. :) And don't knit. Last night a friend was working on using three needles to make a cosmetic case. It all looked very complicated to me.