Friday, February 28, 2014


for ages and ages, i've wanted to learn a little french...
and now, with the help of a handy little iphone app, it's happening!

duolingo is an app that helps you to learn a new language, not just french, but spanish, german, portuguese or italian too!

i've wanted to learn for so long, i just didn't know where to start! but not only does the app give you that starting point, it helps to slowly grow vocabulary and learn sentence structure too.

and it combines different ways of learning too, giving you the opportunity to practice saying the sentences and phrases, putting the right words into the correct position in the sentence, listening to sentences and transcribing them and direct translations from french to english and english to french.

oh and it's all put together into a fun game-like format where you can set daily goals and receive reminders to help achieve them!

do you use duolingo? how do you find learning new languages?

ps. i forgot to mention, the app is free! get on it!


Betsy said...

This is a great app! I'll have to check and see if there is one for Japanese. Our son lives there and when I visit, I'm completely at a loss. Have fun with your Italian!

Sally said...

To date I've been pretty useless at learning new languages... might give this app a go... But which language to learn?

Megan said...

I heard about this someone and then forgot about it. Sounds great, might have to give it a go. Italian for me, I did a year of it at uni and loved it.

Lyndel said...

Thank You! I'm brushing up on my German, totally hooked now.