Saturday, March 1, 2014


phew! last night was a bit of a late one...

but my february goal, to cut up and baste all of the fabric i'd bought for my hexie quilt, is done!
my other goal of getting back to running regularly, not so much! i went for a couple of runs, but not nearly as many as i wanted to! oh well!

my main goals for this month are to eat super healthily, and to establish a really prolific exercise routine...

i've set up this magnetic whiteboard on the side of our fridge using this workout calendar as a guide. i'm hoping to mainly use the workouts linked, as well as running for cardio!

on the crafty side of things... i want to get this finished! as well as knitting up a little bebe blanket for my very first niece or nephew, and maybe making a start on some beanies for the festival! i received an envelope filled with information on it yesterday and it made me realise i need to get my butt into gear!

what are you goals for the month? did you set goals for february? how did you go?

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Sally said...

Your nexus quilt is going to be amazing. Well done for achieving your goal.