Wednesday, March 26, 2014

green love.

oops, another late post! but i couldn't resist sharing the posts that i snapped while watering my gardens this evening after work.
it's been so long since i shared what's happening in my little space growth-wise!

my tomatoes in the front garden are really only just coming on...
the plants look a little worse for wear, but those little tomatoes that are growing, are looking fabulous!

and look at those beautiful black russians!
i can't wait to devour these guys!

i had great hopes of growing enough tomatoes to make a big stash of passata and tomato sauce this year, but it is not to be... not in my little yard in the least. my mum's garden on the other hand...
way back here, i wrote about re-potting my wee tomato seedlings at my parent's place. i left half of them there and mum popped them into her vegie patch where they grew along, slowly, slowly, and then BAM! in the last month or so, they have gone mental and there is SO much fruit on them!
it is AWESOME!
i'm hoping next time i head down there, i come home with buckets of tomatoes! fingers crossed!

anywho, enough about tomatoes...

my little pineapple is growing along happily.

and the passionfruit vine i was happy had grown,

well now it's grown HEAPS!
it's very close to being back to where it was before my fence was removed!
i'm hoping to get it trimmed and tidied and trained to grow along the fence over the weekend (as well as planting out some onions seeds in my fancy greenhouse)

speaking of trimmed and tidied...

i noticed that there was new growth at the bottom of my oregano plant, so i happily trimmed off all of the long gangly growth (and hung it up to dry in the kitchen).
it's now looking much littler, but should come back big and strong if i remember to keep the water up to it!

what's growing in your patch of green at the moment? what are you harvesting at the moment? do you grow tomatoes?


Unknown said...

O.o.O.o Nicole my favorite thing...yummy tomatoes. Nice job! I myself and not a green thumb perhaps a blue thumb or a purple thumb but never a green thumb. I'm jealous. I would love to grow a veggie garden. When I was a child I would help my nanny's husband tend their garden. It was wonderful. Lots of great memories and great veggies. Happy Planting Friend.

Sophie said...

I love the idea of growing black russians in your garden. I'm not very greenfingered but when things grow, I am amazed!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I still have a few tomatoes growing on our bushes. Even when the vines looked brown and dried up, they still continued to produce. Pretty amazing. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy