Monday, March 10, 2014

meal planning monday.

monday again? means only one thing around these parts, it's meal planning time!

today is a public holiday here, meaning bb is home from work, and i am off to work! thankfully i get ridiculous penalty rates due to a recent pay-rise, so while i'm sad that i miss out on an extra weekend day at home with my love, i am being duly compensated!!!
anywho, because bb is at home all day, i'm leaving him in charge of dinner, and he's got salmon planned! yum!

tomorrow night, i'll whip up some meatballs. i originally didn't want to eat pasta this month as part of my healthy eating plan... but i'm a pasta fiend! got to eat what makes you happy! i'll whack heaps of spinach in the sauce and a mound of rocket salad on top to up the green factor though!

wednesday night, i'm thinking i'll grab some nice steaks from the butchers and serve them with some salad.

thursday night, i'll grab some pork chops out of the freezer and steam up some vegies. old school meat and three veg, perfect!

friday night, i AM going to put this in the damned slow-cooker! i've wanted to do it the last two weeks running but ran into stumbling blocks finding turkey mince. this week, i have ALL of the ingredients and it will be cooking on friday FOR SURE!

saturday, i'm off to visit mum and dad and get in some farm time. no idea what we'll be eating, but i'm sure it will be yummy!

i'll be back home on sunday night, but not sure what i'll cook... maybe i'll whip up some more pasta with pangrattato (see above picture) like i did last night! it was the perfect light dinner after bb cooked us a ridiculously decadent lunch of roast duck. seriously.

What are you eating this week? does your partner cook at all?

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Megan said...

What sort of pasta is that you've used in the photo? I saw it on instragram but didn't notice it looks like an s on the ends.

Another week of mostly lazy eating from me, tonight was yoghurt and fruit, last night was a toasted cheese croissant. However, I did manage to put in some effort and make a chilli con carne at the beginning of the week. Vegetable-poor week yet again.

MR is a good cook, he will cook for me or help me to cook whenever he's around, which is hardly ever unfortunately.