Wednesday, March 19, 2014

green (house) love.

over the last week or so, i've been thinking about creating a little space.
a space that has a flat surface, for housing lots of wee growing things. a flat surface for seeds and seedlings and cuttings and propagations.
and a special lid, to keep everything safe and warm.

i took my ideas to my parent's house over the weekend, and dad helped me to make my thoughts a reality!

the surface is a trestle table that was collecting cobwebs at my parent's house.

and the protective top, to (hopefully) keep the possums at bay and to keep some warmth in, is made of scrap wood from my dad's wood pile.

it was most certainly a labour of love for the two of us... we picked the only pieces of wood that dad didn't have a power saw blade big enough to cut, so most of the cuts were made by hand. and THEN, the power screw-driver that dad loaned me to screw it all together, had a flat battery! so all the pieces are screwed together by hand with a screwdriver!

oh the blisters that i have!

it was totally worth it though! now to pop online to buy some seeds... i'm itching to get some onion seeds in, i've got plans to grow HEAPS this year!
in the mean time though, i'm hoping to take some cuttings of my rosemary and my neighbours lavender plants. and then, maybe some roses!
propagation is AWESOME!

what are you growing at the moment? do you grow your own onions? do you grow from cuttings?


kgirlknits said...

Propagation is the best - so satisfying and practical

We're getting ready for more rosemary cuttings at the moment too. I'm also wanting to grow some fennel, not sure how one starts it though?

Unknown said...

Oh yummy! I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you will grow. MMMM lavender excellent choice. Its so nice to have such a wonderful memory with your dad also. Well done to both of you. xo