Monday, March 24, 2014

meal planning monday

it's monday again and almost dinner time to boot! i've been meaning to write this post all day but have spent the entire day knitting! oops!

tonight, i'm making up some bread rolls to go with the roo burgers i pulled out of the freezer. i put the dough together this morning so hopefully it rises ok and make some delicious rolls!

tomorrow, i'll pull some chicken skewers out of the freezer for dinner. we had them last week, and i fancied them up a little by pulling them off the skewers and serving them on some garlic couscous with some fresh rocket. ok, it doesn't sound so fancy, but it looked good enough to fool bb ha ha!

wednesday, jamie's 'frenchie salad' will be on the menu to use up some of the leftover roast chicken that bb whipped up for us last night. it was super delicious so i'm hoping it will make a super delicious salad!

thursday night, i'll throw together this dish. i'm on a bit of a mission to clear out the freezer again (in case you hadn't picked up on the freezer trend ha ha!) and this will use up the last of the lamb chops in there!

friday night, i'll be working late, so the slow cooker will be getting a work-out. i've got some beef ribs in the freezer that i'll throw in there to make a beef stew. served with some mashed potatoes and a few steamed vegies, it should be the perfect thing to come home to after a night of work!

saturday, i'm hoping to head out for dinner! it's been a while since bb and i had a date night, so i think i must insist ha ha!

sunday, i've got the day off from work! i've got a few things on the agenda, but i'm hoping to spend a bit of time in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious. maybe some home-made pasta like above! it went perfectly with the osso bucco i cooked up last week.

what are you eating this week? do you make your own pasta?

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