Tuesday, March 18, 2014

flea market finds.

over the weekend, i dragged mum down the road to the kongwak market. it had been an age since i'd been!

we had a quick look around, and i spotted a stall with some vintage suitcases...

and i may have found a one to add to my collection!

but the one that caught my eye...

caught my eye because of what was INSIDE!

this wasn't an empty vintage suitcase...

but was filled with lovely vintage-y picnic gear!

isn't it fabulous?

i'll admit, it all does need a good clean. but it was far too awesome to leave behind!
and i LOVE those little food storers above!

have you ever been to the kongwak market? do vintage suitcases catch your eye? where is your favourite picnic spot?


ARTwendy ... said...

stunning .... if i'd met you at the stall, I'd have fought you for this one! ooooh those greens .... gorgeous find!! yay for vintage finds xo

Unknown said...

oooooooo how adorable is that. SCORE!!! xo