Monday, March 3, 2014

meal planning monday.

oops! running a bit late today!
i'm not going to lie, i'm more than a little bit pooped after day 3 of my exercise plan... but i've got a week of healthy meals ahead to keep me going!

tonight, i cooked up some steaks! i had mine with salad and some pan-fried mushrooms. it was deeeeeeelicious!

tomorrow night, i'm whipping up this salad. i was getting a bit sick of it, but it's SUPER healthy and really yummy too so i'm back on the bandwagon!

wednesday night is ncb again... well not again because we didn't go ahead last week. this week though, we're on! i'll grab something there, and i bought bb another steak today, so he can have that wednesday night (he requested we have steak every night this week, so i'm compromising and he's having it twice!)

thursday night, i'm working late. last week i'd planned to make this, but i never ended up looking for the turkey mince that i needed, so i threw together some osso bucco. but, guess what we're having this week?

friday night, i'm hoping to whip up some roo burgers. hopefully they taste ok!

i've got the entire weekend off from work this weekend and i'm hoping to get a few (hundred) things done around the house... i'm not sure what we'll be eating at this stage, but it might involve me bumming around the kitchen for the afternoon.
i'm in the mood to get my cook on!

what are you eating this week? do you like to whip up things you normally wouldn't when you find yourself with a little bit more time?

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Jenni Wren said...

Oh no! Poor little kanga!! :P
Hope you enjoy your weekend off work!