Tuesday, March 25, 2014

done, and done.

last wednesday night, at ncb, a little request was made of me...
to have a little look through my wee stash of beanies, to see if there was anything nice and slouchy that would work for a teenage grand-daughter.

unfortunately, nothing in my pre-made beanie hoard fit the bill, so what more was there to do but cast something on!

thankfully, i had this lovely wool in my stash.
oh, and i found this pattern to knit it up in.

the pattern consists of daisy stitch, which i had never knitted before!
it was slow-going, and a little tight, tension wise (my hands were a little sore after finishing up) but i love the way it has come together.

oh, and of course, i had to put one of my labels on there too!


what are you making at the moment? do you have a little stock-pile of things you have made?


Lyndel said...

you are a treasure. One happy granny here, and I'm sure a happy teen when she gets to see it later this week.
Thanks Nicole, what a great friend you are.♥

Megan said...

Aren't you sweet! And delivering it so quickly. Knitting takes me forever.

Well done!

Betsy said...

Very pretty. I've never done the daisy stitch either. I'll need to give it a try soon.

kgirlknits said...

Ahh, I thought the daisy stitch was crochet when I initially saw this! Looks great, love the stitch with this yarn

Jenni Wren said...

I thought that stitch looked familiar haha! :) It's a beautiful beanie.

Unknown said...

Hi Nicole, I do have a little stock pile ;) Right now I have my
Project of the Week in the works. Head on over to the blog to see a sneak peek.
Be Well