Monday, March 17, 2014

meal planning monday.

oh dear, monday again. i've had a bit of a whirlwind of a weekend... working late on friday night and heading straight down to mum and dad's, getting my farm time on on saturday and then visiting and baby-showering yesterday. i need another weekend to recover ha ha!
thankfully, i have tomorrow and wednesday off from work, just have to get through today...

any who, it's meal plan time!

tonight, i'm going to grab some chicken skewers out of the freezer and serve them up with some salad. there is a pretty massive stock pile of skewers in the freezer so i think we'll be having them quite a bit in the weeks to come ha ha!

tomorrow, i'm hoping to go for a quick trip to visit my ma, as well as getting some shopping done for a little project i started working on over the weekend. i'm thinking i might throw some osso buco in the slow cooker before i head off... and then whip up some pasta when i get home. or maybe just cook some packet pasta... we'll see how i go ha ha!

wednesday night is ncb night. i've missed ncb the last couple of times it was on so i'm missing it terribly! i'll grab something while i'm there, and bb can fend for himself!

thursday, i'm back to work, but i'll grab some pork chops out of the freezer, and cook them up with some vegies. we had the same last thursday (in the picture above) and it was pretty delicious!

on friday, i am going to cook this pasta dish, i've said the same thing the last 4 weeks, this is becoming a bit of a joke...

saturday and sunday, bb is in charge of the cooking as i'm working all weekend. hopefully he cooks up something delicious!

what are you eating this week? how was your weekend?

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