Sunday, February 16, 2014

you're my muffin.

i had every intention of making one of bb's favourite things to eat on valentine's day, before our plans went a little sideways. bb went out for dinner with his family, and i, well i was working, no surprise there ha ha!

anywho, to make up for it a little, i thought i'd whip up another favourite over the weekend.

english muffins!

i'd had a recipe bookmarked for a month or so... but then i chatted about sourdough over crafting and dinner on wednesday night, and started thinking about sourdough english muffins!

a quick google search, and i found a recipe to follow...

i'm not sure if i missed a step somewhere... but my dough was SUPER wet and hard to handle!
i had to incorporate a whole HEAP of flour to get it manageable enough to cut out the muffins and was therefore really skeptical when i was popping them in the pan to cook...

lo and behold, they puffed up, and browned up, and were really delicious!

they were a little involved, with the resting times of everything, but all up, there wasn't a huge amount of work to be done... just a lot of waiting!

have you ever made your own english muffins? do you sourdough?

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Reanna Clark said...

Oh I just tried making english muffins the other week too, and they were delicious! Sourdough ones sound even better though. I really want to try make crumpets one day!