Monday, February 10, 2014

meal planning monday.

a few last minute events came up last week, so the meal plan didn't go 100% to plan... but i'm hopeful for the week ahead!

tonight, we're having pizzas! it's happening! i've been really looking forward to it the last couple of weeks and it just. hasn't. happened. but tonight, it's happening. the pizza dough is ALREADY out of the freezer, and happily defrosting in the fridge!

tomorrow night, bb has requested this thai noodle salad again. i may have rolled my eyes when he suggested it, but as he pointed out, it has been a couple of weeks...

wednesday night, is ncb night. i'll grab something while i'm there, and i'll grab ben something delicious looking from the butcher.

thursday, i'll try another 'save with jamie' recipe. pulled pork peppers with easy baked risotto sounds good. mainly because i have almost everything i need for it already!

friday, valentine's day, and i'm working until 9. oh well. i might whip up a vindaloo in the slow-cooker, it's one of bb's faves, but something i don't cook a lot because it is just a little too spicy for me!

saturday, bb has volunteered to cook a bbq. should be awesome!

sunday night, i'm thinking a roast, weather dependent of course.

what are you eating this week? do you make your own pizzas?

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ARTwendy ... said...

hey Nicole .. how good was that Thai hey!