Thursday, February 6, 2014

my creative space.

this week, has been ALL about the hexies this week!
well since the start of the month anyway...

i've been posting about my progress over on instagram, using the hashtag #gettinghexyinfebsy
it's a little lame, but i also kind of love it!

here was my photo from the first...

total for the day - 23.

the second's progress...

287 hexies cut out.

the photo from the third...

total for the day - 16.

the fourth...

total for the day - 34.

and the fifth, last night...

total - 31.
that's a total of 104 for the last 5 days! i'm pretty happy with that!
hopefully i can keep up the momentum for the rest of the month! and i'm hoping to get the rest of the fabric i've been stockpiling cut up and sewn up too!

it should be a productive month!

what's happening in your creative space this week? hoping to link up with kirsty today too?

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