Sunday, February 2, 2014

little lovelies.

every week, i try and share a little list of lovely things that have happened throughout the week in my neck of the woods, to try and keep myself looking on the bright side of things.

this week, i've lured a friend to the darkside.

and by darkside, i mean instagram.

i put my newly painted table to good use.

after having all of the food on there, there's a few marks and things on the finish, but not too bad considering!

this was by far the thing that put the biggest smile on my face...

my cert iv is officially finito and i am officially qualified!
it makes no difference to my job or anything, i just officially know what i'm doing now i guess...

and this little mutant strawb,

he made me smile because well, he looks cool, but he was also SUPER delicious!

what's been making you smile this week? any delicious fruit?


Lyndel said...

love the table! instagram??? well I'm learning, guess that counts. Not 100% sure I know what I'm doing yet.

Sally said...

That table is fantastic. Such a great idea for hosting a BBQ and the like. Love it.