Wednesday, February 19, 2014

green love.

after mentioning last week that my poor pineapple plant still wasn't in the ground, i got busy over the weekend...

and finally got it into a pot! it's even got a little bit of new growth happening from just being in a glass of water too!
it's so mental that it grows just from the top!

also on the weekend, i dragged bb to kmart with me, to spend up the last of a voucher i was given for my birthday.
i'd been trying to work out what we needed, that i could spend it on, and then it clicked!

lots and LOTS of pretty flowers... gardening isn't all about edibles after all!

i also found a gorgeous fern, to pop into our birdcage to sit in our lounge room!

but of course, as well as flowers ARE pretty, and lovely, i DO like to have lots of edibles around...

a new mint plant...

hopefully i don't manage to kill this one! i do not have the best track record with mint ha ha!

and finally, a chilli plant, at bb's request.

now, looking over these photos, i'm realising everything is looking a bit dry! time for some water, and a little bit later, some mulch!
i think i'll put mum to work (she's visiting today) and get her to help!

what's growing in your patch? do you have lots of flowers? or just edibles?

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Jenni Wren said...

The fern-in-a-cage idea is awesome! I bet it will liven up the lounge :)