Monday, February 17, 2014

meal planning monday.

oops, another week, not quite going to plan food wise... hopefully the week ahead will be more successful!

tonight, i'll make the thai chicken noodle salad i never made last week. the night i was meant to whip it up, i went to bed straight after work. i. was. exhausted. hopefully that won't be the case again tonight ha ha!
for lunches today, we've got leftover meatballs from last night... yep, no roast last night ha ha!

tomorrow, i'm off from work. i'm contemplating a quick trip to go and visit my grandma, but that should still leave me with a little bit of time to make something yummy. and i'm thinking the 'save with jamie' lovely lamb pie.
i'll have lunch with grandma, and bb will have leftover salad to take for lunch!

wednesday, i've got the day off again. my mum will be up from the country, so we'll have lunch together, but she normally leaves mid-afternoon to avoid traffic, so again, i'll have lots of time to cook something scrumptious! i'm hoping another 'save with jamie' recipe. this time, the pulled pork peppers i never got around to last week. i ended up having a much later night at work last thursday than i'd first anticipated, and again, pretty much went straight to bed after work... a bit of a habit last week apparently!
there should still be salad leftovers for bb to take to work again on wednesday...

thursday night, i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer for a quick and easy meal!
leftover peppers for lunches hopefully!

friday night, i'll be working late, so i'll pop this soup in the slow cooker. should be delicious with a slice of sourdough!

over the weekend, bb is in charge of the cooking because i'm working! he's promised me a curry on saturday night and a roast on sunday!
can't wait!!

what are you eating this week? are you trying any new recipes?

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