Sunday, February 23, 2014

sizing perfection!

the new beanie i cast on during the week was a MUCH better size than the first!

i was super grateful it turned out to be the right size, as i'm not sure i had another one in me ha ha!

as much as it was a bit of a pain having to knit this beanie twice, it's got me in an interesting crochet AND knitting mindset, and i'm looking at different patterns and garments and thinking about whether they would benefit from the different textures that knitting and crochet bring to the table...


it's kind of cool how doing something that is a little out of your comfort zone, can change your way of thinking about certain things... watch this space on that front!

oh and also, i've been updating my stash-busting tally on my side bar...
i decided to include wool that has come INTO my stash in the tally, and see how much i can actually eliminate over the course of a year!
with this project (projects!) i haven't included them in my 'stash out' tally, but have included the leftover wool in my 'stash in' tally.
i think this is fair as the wool was bought specifically for the purpose of this hat...

do you tally up your stash-busting? what are your methods if you do? do you find different projects can get you thinking differently about future projects?

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