Monday, May 20, 2013

meal planning monday.

another week has flow by, and it's monday again! phew!

tonight, i've got some lamb chops that i'll pop in the oven, nigella style

for tomorrow night, there's some leftover pesto that i whipped up on the weekend, it'll go well with some pasta, some fresh spinach and some feta. delish!

wednesday night is ncb night, and seeing as how i never really get to eat anything i cook before ncb, i'll leave bb to fend for himself and have dinner at the cafe where we meet. the food there is really great!

thursday night is actually my late night at work this week, i was horribly confused last week, i didn't realise that i WASN'T working thursday night until tuesday evening, as i was falling asleep! anywho, late nights mean slow cooker nights, and thursday night i'll be trying something new to us! mongolian beef! should be nice on some fluffy rice. fingers crossed!

friday night, i have the night off! maybe i'll make those pies i was talking about last week ha ha!

saturday will be my SIXTH day of work in a row, so i'm thinking the last thing i'll want to do is cook... i think i'll ask bb to take me out. dinner and maybe a movie? sounds great!

sunday will hopefully be a quiet day at home. followed by a quiet dinner at home. i think a roast would be perfect! maybe chicken? it's been a while since i roasted up a chicken! i'll make some lovely stuffing and get the skin nice and crunchy. yum!!

i've also got all of the fixings for a delicious and healthy chicken salad to take for lunch this week too!

i'm joining in with pink patent mary janes and her meal planning mondays

what are you eating this week? cooking anything new?


Polly said...

It all sounds delicious! You two put me to shame.

Lyndel said...

yum all sounds good. I've been living out of the freezer (stuff I cooked weeks ago). Did my 8 day volunteer stint at the Stamp Show, was fantastic, wished it would never end. May try a Bill Grainger Fish Pie this week if my friend Lorraine comes to stay overnight.