Tuesday, May 21, 2013

nailed it.

a few weeks ago, during a particularly sleepless night, i came across this in angie's instagram feed. angie is the new shop girl for the canberra creatives shop and her advertising seems to pop up at just the right time (for my craft supplies that is, not my wallet :P)

anywho, after a few days, my washi collection had grown exponentially!

i had a couple before, but i more than doubled my collection with this purchase. oops!

apart from using them to wrap a few gifts over the last couple of weeks, i've also been using my new patterned washi to spice up my nails.

i've dubbed friday mornings nail time, as it's a somewhat awkward time for me. i have to head to work for 8 hours afterwards, so i generally don't want to get to doing anything too strenuous. manicures are perfect ;)

i think i might look into buying a white polish, to go underneath the tape to make the patterns really pop.
at the moment, the white of the tape gets a little washed out once i pop clear polish over the top...

are you a washi tape fiend too? what do you use your washi for?

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