Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the great british sewing bee.

early last month, my twitter and blog feeds were absolutely a-buzz over this show, the great british sewing bee. and for good reason, it's FABULOUS!
it's reality tv about SEWING! i thought i'd died and went to heaven ha ha!

there are only 4 episodes, all of which are available on youtube... it's well worth checking out!

and afterwards, if you're a complete fangirl like me, you can check out tilly's blog as well as lauren's blog about her new haberdashery store!

do you watch reality tv? have you seen this show already? what did you think?


Polly said...

I do love a bit of reality but have not seen this one, sounds great.

RobynLouise said...

I don't usually watch reality TV as it's so unreal but this has been pasted all over my facebook friend's pages and all the comments are positive so I'll just have to see for myself I suppose :)!
Cheers, Rob xo