Thursday, May 16, 2013

my creative space.

it's been a frigid, wet and blustery old day in melbourne today.
i was somewhat thankful to be at work and out of the weather, except that i would have preferred to be at home in bed. or in front of the heater with my knitting...

so that's what i'm doing tonight!

not before i munched down on an enormous plate of roast lamb and vegies for dinner. it was the PERFECT dinner for such miserable weather!

but now, i'm getting down to business...

knitting up the final beanie to send away to the beanie festival. i've almost got them ready to send... maybe by the end of the weekend!

what are you up to in your creative space today? playing along with kootoyoo and her creative spaces?

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Polly said...

There really is no more satisfying meal than a good old roast. I've got pork out for us tonight and I'm already salivating!