Wednesday, May 1, 2013


another month already! goodness me!
i've got lots of goals this month, no surprise there...

lots and lots to get done!
meal plans and crochet and organisation and sewing and baking and gardening!
can't wait!

what are your plans for this month?


RobynLouise said...

LOL, as "re-organize craft supplies" took up 2 lines I read the next entries the same way and at first wondered why you needed to make your pj pants possum proof....the mind boggled! I think I'd best hurry up and pay off my new set of reading specs :P.
Off to sort out my meal list as grocery shopping day tomorrow.
Cheers, Robyn xo

Lyndel said...

oh well done on April, bring on May I say. You forgot Get a Start on the Hottie !!
I've got my all over the dining room table, nothing happening, just spread out....