Monday, May 27, 2013

meal planning monday.

ooh! the week that just passed was SUCH a meal planning fail! despite my best plans, there was not a lot of cooking happening up in here! a lot of takeaway was eaten ha ha!
onwards and upwards!

do you like that?
that was my lunch prep for the week. that i did this morning. and mayyyyy have been the reason that i was late to work!

tonight, i had a hair appointment, so i bought some premade tortellini and sauce for bb to cook. it wasn't take away, but it wasn't far off...

tomorrow night, i think i'll make burgers. i've had a bit of a craving for them the last couple of nights, so tomorrow night will be the night! i think i'll add pip's secret ingredient of grated haloumi! i'm interested to see how they taste!

wednesday night, i've got a co-worker coming over to go over a presentation she's making next week, so i think i might make a big pot of vegie soup. must remember to do the prep before work... oh and maybe throw a loaf of bread together too!

thursday night, i might throw a roast into the oven. maybe that chicken that i was hoping for last week... should be delicious and the perfect little cosy and romantic meal to share with bb. it'll be the last for a while because i'm off on a little getaway for the weekend!
i'm tres excited as i get to relax and knit and crochet and eat good food AND most importantly, spend some great quality time with all of the lovely ladies in my family!
i can't wait!

are you up to anything exciting this week? are you cooking yummy things?
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