Friday, May 17, 2013

food revolution day.

yesterday, i noticed pip, posting lots of things about food revolution day, and after a little googling and reading, i discovered that it was definitely something i'd want to be a part of...
and knowing that i had the morning off (i got my night shifts at work confused, still working friday night this week!) i put my brain to thinking about something i could cook to take in and share with my co-workers for lunch...
a soup? a casserole?
i knew that whatever it was, i didn't really want to have to go to the supermarket in the morning to get ingredients... then it hit me!

i had mince in the freezer, onions and garlic in the pantry, 29084309 cans of tinned tomato and a whole heap of dried pasta.

oh and i threw together some no knead bread last night too!

i'm actually pretty excited to head into work and share all this delicious, homecooked food with my co-workers!

oh, and when i get home from work, there's some cashew chicken in the slow cooker too!

a very foodie day indeed!

are you joining in with food revolution day? what did you cook today?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Were your co-workers happy to be given homemade food? The bread would have been enough for me. Nothing better than homemade bread. Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy

Polly said...

I love a good pot of bolognaise, it's a firm favourite in our house. I add a tablespoon of sugar, mmmm yum.
Hope that your work mates appreciated your lovely gesture.

Lea said...

What s lovely, thoughtful thing to do Nicole. No doubt it was well received.