Thursday, May 30, 2013

my creative space.

today in my creative space, i'm packing!!!
i've got lots of crafty things planned for my time away this weekend!

i've got my granny stripe packed! we're heading up into the hills so it'll hopefully keep me warm, as well as keep my hands busy.

and i've got some of my new wool packed... i've got kina plans and sock plans and beanie plans!
lots to do!

oh and i'm filling this basket up with woolly goodies too! lots of balls from my stash and my knitting needle roll and crochet hook wallet.
inspiration for my fellow holidayers :D

what are you creating today? are you joining in with kootoyoo and her creative spaces too?


Mistea said...

Have a lovely time away with all your beautiful yarn and the family too.

Lyndel said...

hope you have a fab weekend, girls and yarn, a perfect combo.

Sally said...

Crafting plans are always the best.... until you realise that there are only twenty four hours in the day! Hope you have a marvellous weekend away.

Polly said...

Have a wonderful break away.