Monday, May 6, 2013

meal planning monday.

it's monday again which means it's meal plan time!
hopefully i can stick to it a bit better this week...

tonight, we're having a roast! a kangaroo roast in fact... the one we were maybe supposed to have last thursday night... it'll still be good and i'll serve it with some roast vegies!

for tomorrow night, i think i'll pop some osso bucco in the slow cooker. i'm hoping to make it to pilates tomorrow night for the first time in weeks! cue sore abs on wednesday...

wednesday night is craft night! i think i might throw a curry together... and i'll treat myself to some dessert while i'm out ;)

for thursday night, i'm hoping to find some nice looking lamb chops to make this delicious number.

friday night, working late again, so i'll definitely be slow cooking... but what? maybe some cashew chicken? it's been a while and it's an old favourite!

on saturday night, i'm hoping to organise a dumpling date with a work colleague and her man. hopefully it comes together because dumplings are delicious, and so is good company ;)

and sunday? well i'll leave sunday up to bb. i'm working all day AND i have an 8k run planned for that morning before work... i'll be lucky if i even make it to dinner time ha ha!

i'm joining in with pink patent mary janes and her meal planning mondays.

what are you eating this week? care to share your meal plan too?

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