Monday, May 13, 2013

meal planning monday.

monday again?
after working all weekend, and having a quick trip to visit mum last night for mother's day, as well as popping over to visit my grandma on my one day off for the week on wednedsay, this week has FLOWN! seriously!

i always feel a bit lost after working a full weekend so hopefully getting some meal plans down for the week will get me grounded...

tonight, i was supposed to head out on the town for a performance that bb's brother was in, but after getting home this afternoon from my whirlwind mother's day visit, i collapsed onto the bed! i was pooped! i heated up some left over pizza for myself for dinner. so gourmet!

tomorrow night, i'll whip up a quick curry before i head off to pilates. red chicken curry. yep, that'll do it!

wednesday night, i'm thinking a roast, roast lamb in fact, with lots of roasted vegies and some steamed greens.

thursday night, i'm working late! a bit of a change to the schedule with that one! i'm so used to working late on friday nights, i won't know what to do with myself thursday morning ha ha! i'll pop cashew chicken in the slow cooker as i never quite got around to it last friday night...

friday night, i WON'T be working. i won't know what to do with myself friday night either! i have no doubt that there will be football on the tv... maybe i'll make some pies! chicken and veg in fact! i haven't made them in AGES! i hope i haven't forgotten how ;)

saturday night, i'm going to try and organise that dumpling date i was banging on about last week. i completely forgot that i had a work dinner on last saturday night...

sunday night, i'm hoping to have a quiet night at home... hopefully preceded by a quiet DAY at home. hopefully i'll get some bread baked and some soup made and maybe something slow cooked for dinner. pork belly? i think so!

pop over and see what the lovely pink patent mary janes is cooking this week too!

what are you plans for the week? did you have a happy mother's day?

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Victory said...

so far ive been getting by on bulk cooking lazy poor mans meals like pasta, noodles and curry but reading through your meal plan mondays is getting me wanting more. i need to step it up i think